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New Dental Articles
10 Reasons Why You Should Take Care of Your Pet's Teeth (Download article)

What Type of Dental is best for your Pet? (Download article)

Keeping Dogs Young Lecture
October 22 from 10am-12pm
Spiritual Living Center | 1730 NE Expwy NE | Atlanta, GA 30329
We’ll explore important aspects to help senior dogs (and cats too!) lead longer, healthier and happier lives—from preventative to therapeutics. (View Flyer)

IVC Canine Rehabilitation Article
Dr. Michelle Tilghman and Elizabeth Barrett

A larger variety of conditions benefit from physical therapy (PT) than many veterinarians realize. (Download article)

Caring for a Paraplegic Canine
Dr. Michelle Tilghman, in Animal Wellness Magazine

There are many reasons why a dog might suffer limb paralysis—and just as many ways to help him overcome his disability. (Download Article)

What Color is Your Dog's Tongue?
Dr. Michelle Tilghman, in Animal Wellness Magazine

The answer could tell you something important about his health. (Download Article)

6 Steps to Treating Arthritis
Dr. Michelle Tilghman, in Animal Wellness Magazine

It's the leading cause of chronic pain in dogs. A multifaceted healing plan that draws on a range of therapies offers the most relief. (Download Article)

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Brazilian Acupuncture Society

Chinese Vet Medical conference