Balanced Health Care
for the Longevity of Your Pet

Loving Touch Animal Center, located in Stone Mountain, is a full-service veterinary clinic offering contemporary medicine as well as traditional / alternative medicine such as acupuncture, skeletal balancing and additional holistic services. Your pet will receive excellent care from our experienced staff—all with a gentle, loving touch.

Our Services

Keeping Dogs Young Lecture
October 22 from 10am-12pm
Spiritual Living Center
1730 NE Expwy NE | Atlanta, GA 30329
We’ll explore important aspects to help senior dogs (and cats too!) lead longer, healthier and happier lives—from preventative to therapeutics. (View Flyer)

IVC Canine Rehabilitation Article
A larger variety of conditions benefit from physical therapy (PT) than many veterinarians realize. (Download article)

Caring for a Paraplegic Canine
Dr. Michelle Tilghman, in Animal Wellness Magazine
There are many reasons why a dog might suffer limb paralysis—and just as many ways to help him overcome his disability. (Download Article)