Mushtaq Memon, D.V.M., PhD

Dr. Mushtaq Memon provides Integrative Reproduction Consultations at Loving Touch Veterinary clinic. Dr. Memon is a Diplomate of the American College of Theriogenologists, one of about 500 veterinary reproduction specialists worldwide. His veterinary practice experience includes 25 years at veterinary teaching hospital at Washington State University (WSU), and 10 years at veterinary teaching hospitals of Tufts University, MA; Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge; and Oklahoma State University, Stillwater. After his recent retirement from WSU, he has relocated with his family, and has made Atlanta, GA as his new home.

Dr. Memon received his veterinary education from Pakistan, clinical residency training from University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, and PhD from U of Minnesota, St. Paul. His recent interest in Holistic Veterinary Medicine inspired him to become certified in veterinary Acupuncture from Chi Institute, Florida in 2008. He intends to apply Integrative Veterinary Medicine (IVM) approaches, combining Western medicine with complementary modalities, including acupuncture, herbal therapies, etc. to provide best possible diagnostic and treatment options for his 4-legged patients. Dr. Memon is dedicated to IVM, and he was instrumental in starting Complementary and Alternative Veterinary Medicine program at WSU. Based upon his dedication to international veterinary medicine, he was elected as the Executive Director of the World Association of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine www.watcvm.org

As a clinician-scientist, Dr. Memon has authored or co-authored about 150 publications, including articles in peer-reviewed journals, conference proceeding, and book chapters, etc. He is co-editor of two books – Food as Medicine, and Food and Brian Health (Nova Science Publications, NY 2013, 2014). He is a sought-after speaker, and has given 100+ presentations at international, national and at local conferences. He is a founding faculty member of the Allen School for Global Animal Health at WSU http://globalhealth.wsu.edu

Dr. Memon is an internationally recognized scholar, and served as a Fulbright scholar in Oman, United Arab Emeritus (UAE) and Pakistan, and currently serves as a Fulbright Specialist. He is the founding president of the Eastern Washington/North Idaho chapter of the Fulbright Association. Dr. Memon is the first veterinarian to serve as Fulbright Ambassador to promote Fulbright program on the US University campuses as Fulbright is the Flagship program of the US Department of State, and the largest Scholar Exchange program in the world www.cies.org

As a Boy Scout, Mushtaq received a message which has become mission of his life - Serve Humanity. Dr. Memon has served as a visiting professor, consultant or a volunteer in more than 20 countries, including Armenia, Argentina, Chile, China, Denmark, Georgia (Republic of), Iran, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Latvia, Lebanon, Nepal, Oman, Pakistan, Russia, Thailand, and UAE. Mushtaq likes to travel, enjoys outdoors, and spends time with his family.